3 Measures to Protect Your Smartphone; Protect Your Business

The current growth trend of mobile malware indicates that hackers will continue to target smartphones and their users. Businesses should expect the attacks to grow sneakier and more sophisticated. In […]

Which Social Media is Right for You? Review 6 Top Platforms

In the midst of the Technology age, social media is a key segment to any marketing strategy. However, with all marketing decisions, it is critical to identify the platform of […]

New Electronic Credit Card “Coin” Aims to Make Transactions Easier

It’s true: carrying around nine different cards for nine different things, including your business account transactions, personal transactions and other transactions can be a drag. If you’re in a hurry, […]

Prevent Phishing in the New Year

Phishing is using electronic communication to gain access to usernames, passwords or credit card information. It has been around long enough, and technology changes so quickly that we may be […]

5 Ways to Enhance E-commerce in 2014

E-commerce sales continue to take a lead over retail sales. Businesses will be challenged in this new year to capture this ever shifting and more competitive market. Consumers demand continued […]

4 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Videos

Adding videos to your marketing strategy can be a great way to entice more business to your company. Not only can videos help you connect with new customers, it can […]

9 Simple Tips to Become more Business Dependable

In the business world, there is a powerful advantage to being trustworthy, consistent and tirelessly dependable. A reputation can go further than any marketing campaign.  As a business grows and […]

Zappos and Other Companies End the Use of Job Titles is one of the largest online retailers of shoes, and according to their new announcements, their corporate structure is about to change. The new structure change involves ending the […]

3 Tips to Help Your Website’s “About” Page Shine

There is so much to do when it comes to designing your website. From easy navigation to your layout, you have plenty of things to consider with regard to the […]

What Does 2014 Have in Store for Social Media?

The New Year is a great time for small businesses to take a good hard look at what social media is doing for them and, most importantly, what it can […]


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